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Cylinder Head Performance

A cylinder head is arguably the heart of a V-twin's performance. It controls the volume, speed and flow characteristics of the air/fuel mixture going into the engine cylinders. Hulten Speed Sports designs and ports v-twin heads, seats and grinds valves, valve guides & springs, and digitally tests each heads flow for optimal performance for our customer's engine configuration.


CNC Head Porting


With our state-of-the-art Centroid 5-axis Porting Center utilizing the Centroid DP7 probe, we are able to develop our own engineered port designs with digital precision and repeatable, Dynojet-proven performance. Whether it is a H-D 88ci, new Milwaukee8, Victory or Indian MC cylinder head, our R&D team can mill your heads and deliver real, seat of the pants performance gains for your V-twin powerplant!

Centroid CNC head machining


Valve Guide Installation & Seat Grinding


Utilizing our Rottler SG7, 5 angle seat cutting for oversized valves allow more air/fuel mixture into the combustion chamber for a more explosive charge, creating more horsepower. Head preparation to accept the larger valves include; machining the valve seats to accept the larger valves, machining and lapping the proper valve angles, installing new valve guides for true function and sealing, machining & shimming heads to fit the new valve springs for proper spring compression. Machining, fitting, testing. Don't trust anyone but Hulten Speed Sports for precise and repeatable cylinder head service.

Rottler SG7 for Valve guide installation and seat cutting.


Flow Bench Testing


Porting is completed, valve guides installed, valve seats are cut & angled, valve springs installed and height set. Now it's time to measure the flow of the air/fuel charge.

Utilizing our SuperFlow SF-450 flow bench and digitally measured with its companion FlowCom system, Hulten Speed Sports' master tuners can now measure each cylinder head's flow characteristics to match our client's performance package.

SuperFlow SF-450 flow bench testing.
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