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Overview of Hulten Speed Sports Services


At Hulten Speed Sports, we specialize in developing performance engine packages that can be installed and tuned by our highly-trained technicians, or shipped directly to our customers who choose to do the installations themselves, or by their local service shop of choice.

We design and precision machine engine components in-house and match them up with appropriate fuel delivery and ignition systems for various model bikes. We then establish tuning characteristics of our powerplants on our Dynojet™ chassis dyno to customer's exhaust and ignition set up.



From basic maintenance services to performance tuning, HSS performs maintenance, repairs of complete powerplant to tires, brakes, suspensions, customized parts installations and safety inspections for your ride.

       Tuning Services


Utilizing our Dynojet™ chassis dyno, we can optimize your ride for power, efficiency and durability to fit your riding style.

Whether you choose to add any of HSS's designed performance kits, or any commercially available add-on components, we will install and optimize your set up for performance and reliability.



Every bike is an expression of each rider's personality whether it be flashy and loud, or under-the-radar, street-sleeper sniper performance. Hulten Speed Sports will install customer's choices of customized components that enhances a bike's appearance or performance. We will also work with customers to design and build from the ground up the ultimate custom street pounder of choice. Explore a multitude of aftermarket catalogs in our showroom that will aid in creating that customize ride.

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