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Performance Cylinder Boring/Honing

A cylinder is where all the performance "giggles" are created and transformed into tire-to-pavement performance! Machining and honing true, precision cylinder bores keep all the performance gains from air intake, fuel metering, ignition mapping and head flow from being depleted by friction robbing, misaligned cylinder bores. Let Hulten Speed Sports deliver precise cylinder machining performance for you!


Cylinder Boring

Need to punch out more performance than the manufacturer's anemic displacement can provide? To fit some oversized bullets into those jugs, you'll need Hulten's precision cylinder boring service to cut those holes large enough to accommodate the pistons for those 107, 114 and 124 cubic inch Sinister packages.

Cylinder boring service


Cylinder Honing

With our  Rottler HP6A cylinder hone, we can provide true, cylinder bore precision to accommodate larger pistons or perfect cylinder walls for seating a new set of rings for a tired, rode worn engine. 

Rottler HP6A cylinder hone


Additional Machining

Your cylinders are bored out, bores are trued up with a precision honing service. What next? How about milling your case for a NASA-precise fit? Case to cylinder fitting, cam and crankshaft bearing seating; it all comes together in-house for the smoothest riding, power and torque delivering performance for jaw-dropping, vibration free power!

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