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Talk is cheap! Spouting off about how much horsepower or torque your combination produces is easy and is often inflated when the crew gathers. At Hulten Speed Sports, our proof is in the pudding! (aka Dyno Sheets!)


While there are numerous factors* that effect performance numbers, our Dynojet tuning service will print out what your particular set up is capable of producing. HSS dyno tuning service will display performance numbers before your ride is "Hultenized!" Then your post-service dyno pull will be charted to show you exactly how much gains we squeezed out in horsepower and torque, and at what peak RPMs the gains were realized.

Check out some of our recent Dyno Results from tuning enhancements to full out Sinister performance package installations!

* Items such as air intake, exhaust systems, ignition systems, fuel quality are but a few factors that affect performance levels.   

HSS Vendors

Cage Match:

Milwaukee 8 vs. HSS 120ci Stage 2 Heads

Bike: H-D 2017 Road Glide

Results: More Power & Torque


Cage Match:

Milwaukee 8 vs. Sinister 107 Stage 1 Kit

Bike: H-D 2017 Street Glide

Winner: Sinister 107!

Cage Match:

Stock HD 103 vs. Sinister 103 Stage 1 Kit

Bike: H-D 2011 Ultra Glide

Winner: Sinister 103!